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Dynaudio and Jeff Rowland Group audio components make up a great audio system for a client who recently moved here from Hong Kong. He purchased these in China and recently had them shipped here to his summer home. After setting up the system himself he found that there was no audio coming through. He was concerned that the system may have had some water damage. So he called us to check it out!

Our client also had a CD player and digital to analog converter from EMM Labs. Along with that was a power converter to convert the 220 volts down to 120 volts that is used here in the US. All this power travels down some very nice audiophile power cables that he purchased for each component.

Problem Solved

The fix was simple and we were able to get it up and running for him. Not water damage found luckily as this system costs more than a small Mercedes. After getting things working we were asked reinstall the system on a shelf in the room for easier access. Much easier than leaning over on the floor to put your favorite CD in.

Of course the client was very happy that we were able to get things running without any major repairs to the audio components. Plans are in the works for a dedicated home theater room in the basement. It’s nice to have some clients that appreciate (and can afford!) high-end quality music systems. It would be great to see him put the same level of quality into the new theater room when he decides to move forward with it. Dynaudio does have a custom install line of speakers that goes along with their bookshelf and floor standing speaker line. We have installed and used some of their recording studio models. Dynaudio and Jeff Rowland make this system one of the best we’ve ever heard.

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