Infrastructure Wiring

In today’s world wireless technology is all around us. Even though wireless is in our world every day, every wireless system has some degree of wiring to make them work. It’s the foundation of a well performing system whether its communications or a high end music system. A well-designed infrastructure is an absolute necessity.

All technology cabling has limitations. And those limitations are all different. HDMI is different than internet and cable TV wiring, older technology is different than the latest and greatest. McMahon Media takes into consideration all cable lengths and limitations and will design an infrastructure for your home or business that meets technology requirements today and tomorrow.


Voice and Data Networking

Networking has now become the backbone of any home or business control system. McMahon Media’s network designs are based around these control systems for audio, video, lighting, HVAC, and security. Control or automation of your home’s technology is accessible with any phone, computer, tablet, touchscreen, or hand held remote control.

Networking designs do need some planning. How much bandwidth is needed. How many devices will be on the network. Special care is needed for placement of wireless devices.

Though different design specifications are needed where standard A/V technologies once were, audio and video can now be “distributed” over a network. There are nearly limitless options as to where video and sound can go.


Phone and Intercom

New A/V technologies for intercom allow you to see who’s at the front door, or who’s in the pool, or keep an eye on the baby while they’re sleeping. Speak to people at the door through your cell phone. Video cameras and audio can be distributed through your homes automation system and can be seen and heard from any touchscreen, or TV monitor. Doorbells can be heard through the multi-room audio system letting you know someone is ringing the doorbell.

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