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A new potential client contacted McMahon Media to design his new media wall sports room for him and his family. The client wanted a total of three TVs so that he could watch multiple sports games at the same time. Perfect for when football is on and you’d like to watch the Patriots but also check the score on the Kansas City Chiefs, and/or see highlights on the Dallas Cowboys all at the same time. Since streaming is so popular nowadays it’s a very simple feat to achieve.

The Design

The main TV was an 86″ LG. It was fed video from the cable box. The audio was processed by a Marantz AV receiver and fed to five Origin Acoustics in-wall speakers and an Origin Acoustics subwoofer. The performance level of these speakers was beyond the expectations of the client and performed very well for the size of the room.

Two smaller TVs were chosen for the left side of the room and were mounted on articulating swivel mounts so they could be positioned for viewing in an adjacent room. McMahon provided a URC remote control to control it all. Since the remote can do both IR and RF control we added a base station receiver to the built-in equipment rack. This will allow control of the cable box, Bluray player, and AV receiver without having to be in line-of-site of the gear with the remote. The equipment closet also had a door on the front which wouldn’t allow the IR signal to pass through anyways.

A second base station was added behind the two smaller TVs as they use the same IR codes. Controlling the two TVs separately would not work as they would both respond to the same commands at the same time. So using the base station allowed us to program the remote to allow for control of each TV individually.

Media Wall Sports Room

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