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“We don’t want to see any of the electronics!”

This was most important to the homeowners. Since they’re living space was on the 6th floor of an apartment building in downtown Boston hiding things made for a challenging task. Not only did they not want to see wires everywhere, they didn’t want to see anything besides the TV.

“Speakers are ugly.”

So we decided to hide them in the ceiling. This was the first project where we hid all the speakers in the ceiling not just the surrounds. We were skeptical at the quality of the sound that would come from the main speakers in the front. The other acoustical challenge was the tall ceiling height. The subwoofer was placed behind a chair in the corner hidden out of sight. At the time of this install in-wall subwoofers were not very common and more expensive. All of the components which included the cable box, DVD player, amplifiers, and the remote controls main processor were all located in a closet down the hall. We were able to run wiring through a small (very small!) crawl space between floors.

“Do we have to walk down the hall to turn up the volume?”

We provided a remote from Universal Remote Control that allowed us to use radio frequency signals. Since the equipment is down the hall the remote allows the homeowners to still control everything from their favorite seat. They no longer have to be in line-of-sight and aim the remote anymore. The URC remote was programmed by us to simplify steps when using the system. The owners were not very tech savvy so great care was taken to make sure changing from watching a movie on the DVD player to watching the news on cable was as simple as a single button push. Mission accomplished!

Looking for ways to hide your electronics? Our team can help hide or blend your electronics systems into your space. Often times they can be completely invisible. Call us today to discuss what we can do for you! 508-651-3754

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