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If any of you have ever had to call Comcast tech support you may already understand what I’m about to talk about. Now I do not like to speak negatively about any company. As you can imagine we work with many companies in the industry whether they are a supplier or even a competitor. Many of our competitors have reached out to work with us as we have reached out to them when we need assistance. So I would never speak poorly about another company even when we are trying to win over a customer to work with us.

The reason I’m writing this article is because most of the companies we have had to contact for support have been really helpful in solving the challenges that come with the products we install. Recently Comcast tech support has been a challenge in quite a few scenarios for several of our customers over the past year or so when working with their products and services. I’m writing this article in hopes that Comcast hears us and steps up their game when it comes to customer support. We need their help.

Media Room with wall mounted TV and surround sound

A Clients Story

A little over a year ago we had a customer who’s house was not wired with any ethernet cabling so they were unable to have any of their electronics hard wired to the internet. Since they were a Comcast customer already we suggested they purchase the Xfi Pods , a product Comcast owns. We were able to get the 3 pods connected and running but could not get any of the devices in the home to connect to them. After about an hour on the phone with Comcast tech support we were elevated to Tier Two support and then eventually to Tier 3 support, the top level (I believe) they have. Another 45 minutes were spent on the phone only for them to repeatedly tell us that they could see that the devices were online and working on their end so there was nothing more they could do.

We finally had to give up and return the Xfi Pods to the Comcast store. We then purchased Google’s WiFi pods and had them installed and working in under 30 minutes.

We’re Here to Help

If you as a customer are having trouble with Comcast services or products integrating with your network, home theater system, or any of the TVs in your home or business feel free to contact us. We may be able to help as we’ve been in many situations where we’ve had to call support and help fix things. Its our job when working with our clients. That being said we prefer to work with companies and manufacturers that can back us up when their products fail. Let’s face it, electronics do break. We’re here to help when they do. Contact us here:

Comcast…we need your support!

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