Zoom Conferencing

With all that is happening in the world today we wanted to take this time and say thank you to all that are on the front lines helping fight the Covid-19 battle. Looking for a way to meet without [...]

KEF speakers available at McMahon Media

The best home theater speakers envelop you in sound, so that you lose yourself in the hi-fi experience. To help achieve this, KEF’s dipole, center channel, floorstanding, and flagship hi-fi [...]

Crestron Flex

Simple, affordable, flexible solutions for collaboration that drives the success of your business. One configuration does not fit all. That’s why Crestron Flex gives you the flexibility to [...]

Klipsch Speakers

McMahon Media has brought Klipsch Speakers back into our speaker lineup. Back by popular demand our clients love them for their theater rooms. They have great reviews and a full line of floor [...]

Now carrying Dynaudio speakers.

We’ve used Dynaudio in some of our recording studio installs and have used them for critical listening tests in our own music rooms. Their speakers are worth checking out for your home theater or [...]