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Crestron Flex gives you the flexibility to create a room system, add a device or turn any space into a dynamic collaboration place. Flex also gives you the versatility to deliver choice, and performance on any platform in every device. Plus one consistent experience everywhere. Choose either a standard system with single display support or an advanced system with features such as dual-mode technology, intelligent cameras and dual display support. Flex is designed to work with what you have. Connect any laptop via a USB to run any of the most popular platforms such as Amazon Chime, Cisco Webex, GoToMeeting, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Zoom.

For Microsoft Teams: Microsoft® Teams is natively integrated into every Crestron Flex product. Giving you the flexibility to create a complete room system or simply add a device.

For Zoom: Crestron Flex offers the simplicity of Zoom Rooms software built right into every device. Now that’s simple.

McMahon Media provides the know-how to integrate Crestron Flex technology into your space. Whether a commercial boardroom or your personal home office. We can create simple, easy to use setups for all your conferencing needs. We’ll manage the entire design and installation as well as provide ongoing support after installation.

Check out some of our work with Crestron Flex.


The sleek Crestron Flex M-Series console is all you need to transform any tabletop into a highly effective collaboration hub. It combines all the must-have features people need right at their fingertips. The built -in mic and speakers deliver incredibly natural sound to every corner of the room. Better still, tabletop audio keeps everyone’s attention on each other, instead of on the front of the room.

Key Features/Benefits:
  • Stunning touch screen delivers easy to see and use controls
  • Isolated acoustics ensure remote voices sound as good as the ones in the room
  • Multiple camera options to support rooms of different sizes and needs
  • Optional smart room controls
  • Installs easily and securely


Simple and sleek Crestron Flex B-Series soundbars give you a front -of-the-room conferencing solution with exceptional audio and image quality that brings out the best in every meeting, in any size room, with just a single USB connection. Decades of Crestron audio engineering expertise are built into every device.

Key Features/Benefits:
  • Surpasses simple voice amplification with support for full range audio
  • Adaptive beam forming technology picks up whoever is speaking with pinpoint precision
  • Employs dynamic light optimization, auto white balance, wide angle, people-counting and automatic lossless digital zoom intelligently frames around participants
  • Optional smart room controls
  • Easy to install – all you need is a USB connection
  • Hinged mounting allows for easy access to cables


A company-wide annual meeting in the auditorium. Sharing content with shareholders in the boardroom and stakeholders around the world. Pre-existing configurations and solutions. Complicated spaces with high expectations. Crestron Flex C-Series makes the complicated simple, giving you the essential components to build a fully customized video conferencing space, designed for your success.

Key Features/Benefits:
  • Turnkey solution
  • Customizable to support spaces of any size
  • Integrates with your choice of displays, cameras, speakers, mics, mixers, switchers, and audio conferencing interface (or speakerphone)
  • Supports single or dual displays
  • Optional smart room controls

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