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Kohr Golf in Natick works with McMahon Media

Kohr Golf located in Natick contacted McMahon Media also located in Natick to design their new outdoor audio system. Kohr was looking for a way to make automated announcements to their patrons for closing times, keeping the balls in the driving range, etc. The system allows for scheduled times of the playback message(s). Using an Ashly Audio amplifier/mixer McMahon Media was able to schedule, route the audio, and power the speakers with one device. “Kohr Golf is located on Speen St and so are we so its great that they called and wanted to work with us. We were honered.”

“We used an Ashly Audio mXa-1502 because of its routing and scheduling capabilities. The client wanted a system that was affordable but also expandable for future additions. Since the system is an outdoor audio system, playing audio to all the driving areas is difficult without having multiple speakers in place. Multiple speakers would allow the sound to be spread evenly throughout the area but would also bring the cost up significantly. Therefore, the audio system has to play loud enough to reach the furthest station. This can be challenging as we obviously don’t want to disturb the neighbors but still keep the system affordable until expansion is needed.”

Kohr employees can also make on-the-fly announcements with the same installed microphone. “Whether pre-recorded or live messages Kohr’s employees use the same set up. There’s no need for separate systems. It can all be done within the Ashly mixer using its routing capabilities.” A TOA message player was used to record and playback recorded announcements. It can record up to 4 messages total. Anything beyond that would have to be live announcements made by the staff.

Future plans are to add TV’s for digital signage for advertising. They’ll also be able to display live TV for when sports venues are on allowing patrons to enjoy the game.

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