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Franklin Residence

Scope Of Work

This project was a referral from a client in a new Franklin, Ma neighborhood. We worked with the home builder pre-wiring it as a spec house and were lucky enough to be introduced to the new home owner when that time came.

McMahon designed a surround sound system in the living room and was later contracted to install a TV with audio system for their cabana and pool area. We also designed and installed a WIFI network for the entire home as well as a separate network for the cabana and pool area.

Franklin audio video
Franklin outdoor cabana AV system

The Cabana

The cabana was the focal point of the home and needed to meet the demands of the homeowner who is a big football fan (and lives right down the street from Gillette Stadium!). When they purchased the home they decided it was getting a pool before they even moved in. McMahon Media designed an audio system that would cover the pool area with music. A separate zone was created for inside the cabana where the bar and seating area resides.

Both music zones are powered by Sonos Amps to a pair of outdoor speakers where the owners can use an app to select their music or they can use a Crestron touchscreen remote. The TV is an outdoor Sunbrite 55″ model. When running the cable we found that the conduit installed in the ground was not large enough to run all the cables needed for a fully functioning system. Since the cabana is not heated we had to design the system to be partially outdoors and partially indoors so the temperatures didn’t harm the gear.

Inside the home we installed an equipment rack that housed the cable box, Crestron remote control system, and all the network switches. We installed a separate network for the cabana so the Crestron remote and the phones or tablets could access the music system for input selection and song selection.

Surround Sound

The living room had built-in cabinetry for the front of the room so installing in-wall speakers would be tricky. We designed an audio system that would be hidden in the cabinetry and had all the speakers painted to match throughout the whole room.

A Samsung 60″ TV was installed over the mantle. A Denon audio video receiver became the brains of the audio system and Triad speakers were chosen because of their paint match program. The 3 speakers in the front were bookshelf style painted to match the cabinetry while the surrounds were painted to match the wall color in the back of the room. They disappear into the room making them unnoticeable. The subwoofer was also hidden in the cabinetry in the front of the room.

The whole system is controlled with a custom programmed universal remote.

Franklin, Ma AV System
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