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Scope Of Work

Bills Theater-

This client wanted a great sounding room but also didn’t want the high sound levels to carry to the floor above. Sound transmission was crucial in the design.

McMahon designed what was a smaller than usual space into a movie night get-away.

We proposed a selection of mid to high-end gear to fill the room with reference level audio. A 133″ Stewart Filmscreen was matched with a Sony projector that fills the front wall with action.

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In Wall AV Rack

The process

The space we had to work with was a little on the smaller side measuring about 16′ x 9′. Since sound transmission was a concern we built the room from the ground up. We used a layer of soundboard on every wall and the ceiling. The side walls then got 2 layers of half inch sheetrock with the second layer running in the opposite direction so that the seems had little overlap. The ceiling received 3 layers of sheetrock with airspace between each layer. The airspace helps with vibration transmitting to the next layer and passing sound to the floor joists above.

The 2 entrance doors are solid core doors and were stained a dark color to match the interior.


The Gear

A Sim2 projector with a Stewart Filmscreen was used for the video display. Audio is powered by a Lexicon MC-1 preamp and Adcom power amplifiers. A 3-channel 300 watt amp runs the front main speakers while a 5 channel 60 watt amp runs the 4 rear channels.

Triad Silver in-room speakers were used with the matching subwoofer. Speaker wire is 12 gauge throughout the whole space and is the same length to every speaker as the furthest from the head end. Room dimensions were run through a software program to provide the best position for each speaker optimizing placement. The system is ready for 7.1 even though the Lexicon does not go beyond a 6.1 set up.

Its already in the works to upgrade the Lexicon to a 7.1 preamp/processor. Also in the works is a new Sony 4K projector.

Surge protection is provided Panamax and Shunyata Research.

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